Top 10 Worst Earthquakes Ever

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Top 10 Worst Earthquakes Ever

Human beings have come a long way to reach the moon with their technological advancements. However, they still have to cover long distance to become an immortal being on this planet Earth. There are still many natural disasters like cyclone, draught, earthquake, and volcano that can totally annihilate the humanity. Earthquake is one of the most harmful and dangerous natural disasters that brought lots of casualty and destruction. Here is the list of 10 worst earthquakes ever happened in the history: —

  1. Chile: 22nd May, 1960: — One of the most devastating earthquakes happened in the history was in Chile, during 22nd May, 1960, whose magnitude on the richter scale was around 9.5. This earthquake was so large that around 4500 people died at the spot and several thousands reported missing after the incident. The Tsunami breakout after the earthquake killed several other people in Philippines and Japan also.
  2. Shaanxi, China, Jan 23rd, 1556: — Another brutal earthquake came during January 23rd, 1556 in the Shaanxi province of China that has a magnitude of around 8 on the richter scale. Around 830,000 people died during this earthquake. Most of the towns were the earthquake came recorded the collapsing of walls and large buildings, while many towns reported water gushing out and ground fissures.
  3. Tibet-Assam Earthquake, August 15th, 1950: — The Tibet, Assam, and Nepal region near the Himalayas is also the most earthquake prone region in the world. This is why a major earthquake happened in the Tibet-Assam region on August 15th, in the year 1950 that had a magnitude of around 8.6 on richter scale. Around 3,500 people were killed in the Tibet-Assam region due to this earthquake and around 5 million people become homeless due to this devastating natural disaster.
  4. Major Tsunai and Earthquake in West Cost, Northern Sumatra: — A major Tsunami and earthquake outbreak had been felt in around 14 countries across the Asian and East African region, when a megathrust happened in the Indian ocean due to a slip in the Indian tectonic plate beneath the Burmese plate on 11th of April 2012. Almost all sea-shore areas of the 14 countries were affected due to this large earthquake and Tsunami, while Indonesia was the most affected, where around 230,000 people died and poor people lost their homes, fishing, and industrial infrastructure.
  5. Tohoku Earthquake, Japan: — Another most devastating earthquake came on 11th March, 2011 in Tohoku, Japan that killed around 16000 people and injured around 6000. This earthquake triggered a massive Tsunami, having height of waves of around 133 feet.
  6. Sumatra Earthquake, 2004: — A deadliest earthquake came in the Sumatra on 26th of December, 2004. This earthquake also came due to the Faultline in the Indian ocean resulting in a Tsunami waves of around 100 feet high.
  7. Bio-Bio Chile, 2010: — A magnitude of 8.8 earthquake hit the coastal areas of Chile, mainly the Bio-Bio area, while killing around 521 people and injuring 12,000.
  8. Lisbon, 1755: — Another most devastating earthquake was witnessed by the people of North Africa, Northern Italy, and France that happened on 1st November 1755. This earthquake totally destructed the Lisbon city, and the remaining destruction was done by Tsunami and fire.
  9. Kamchatka Earthquake, Russia: — On 4th of November, 1952, Kamchatka area of Russia was hit by a huge earthquake, having a magnitude of around 9 on richter scale. This earthquake was also most worst in terms of casualties, where around 15,000 people died.
  10. The Great Alaska Earthquake: — A devastating earthquake hit the Prince William region of Alaska on an auspicious occasion of good Friday, on 27th of March, 1964. Although only 139 people recorded to be dead in this earthquake, but it has a large magnitude of around 9.2 on richter scale.
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