Interesting Facts About Sanjeevani Booti

Interesting Facts About Sanjeevani Booti
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• As we all know there are some plants with medicinal values that exist in nature Sanjeevani or Sanjeevani Booti is one of them.
• It is widely known as Selaginella Bryopteris.
• The meaning of Sanjeevani is “one that infuses life”.
• Since ages, people believe that this plant have some magical effects, it have the power to cure any malady and revive a dead person.
• These magical plants grow on the hills of the tropical areas of Arawali Mountains.
• When Sanjeevani Booti or Selaginella Bryopteris grows they have the maximum aroma if compared with other medicinal plants which grows in that region.
• But surprisingly it loses its entire aroma when it starts drying.
• Though many people take it as a rumor, but there is a myth that Sanjeevani Booti glows in dark, there is no solid evidence about it but in some texts it is written.
• In some regions of Dronagiri Mountain Sanjeevani Booti is worshipped as god by the tribal people of that region.
• Sanjeevani Booti helps in fighting with Jaundice, heat stroke, indigestion, respiratory problems and irregular menstrual cycle in women.
• It also helps in easy Delivery of pregnant women by minimizing the labor pain.
• The agricultural scientists at Indian National Botanical Research Institute have been working for years to discover more hidden facts about this medicinal plant.
• For many scientists, research genius, medical practitioners and biologists it’s a big question which medicinal plant is Mrita Sanjeevani, it is being believed that this medicinal plant can give new life to a dead person.
• According to various studies Sanjeevani Booti can exist in drought conditions also and that too for many years.
• It just curls up and loses its color, and become brown in absence of moisture, but it regains its original green color as soon as it comes in contact with water.
• It can even grow on rocks and parched lands also.
• So agricultural scientist are planning to inject this gene into plants that produce crops so that they will also be able to produce crops with insufficient amount of waters and in drought conditions too.
• In Hindu mythology, Sanjeevani Booti is mentioned as a magical herb that could revive a dead person, it is being mentioned in Ramayana when Lakshmana got injured due to Ravana’s son Indrajeet slings a powerful weapon on Lakshmana, he was badly wounded and was about to die then Hanuman fetched this herb from Dunagiri Mountain which is now known as Dronagiri range situated in Almora district in the state of Uttarakhand in India.
• It is also being said that as Hanuman was unable to identify Sanjeevani Booti so he uprooted the entire mountain and carried it for miles then brought it to the battle field, it healed Lakshmana’s wound and gave him new life.
• The Uttarakhand Government is going to spend 250 million rupees to hunt for this magical herb Sanjeevani Booti from their state fund for this plant’s life saving qualities.

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