Interesting facts about Baba Ramdev And Patanjali

Interesting facts about Baba Ramdev And Patanjali
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For some he is a teacher, for some he is a yoga-instructor and for a few others he is quite a shrewd businessman. The first fun fact here is that his is a name that needs no introduction. With followers, fans, disciples and haters all around the world, Baba Ramdev has gained much popularity worldwide for his teachings, preachings and controversies on Yoga, Pranayama, political issues and the like. And the same goes with the brand Patanjali too, a brain-child of his.

So what are some interesting facts about Baba Ramdev and Patanjali?

• A few people do consider Baba Ramdev to be a businessman but even his greatest haters would admit that he has been highly successful at that! Coming from no wealthy family and with not much formal education, amassing around 15000 crores is unimaginably incredible!

• Hollywood actors like Tom cruise have private islands and that has inspired many Indian celebrities to go island-shopping. But guess which Indian superstar already owns one? Baba Ramdev, of course! He owns a Scottish island called Little Cumbrae and has renamed it as the Peace Island. This island said to be gifted by a NRI follower of his would soon be the nerve-center for Baba Ramdev’s and Pathanjali’s European and overseas operations.

• Baba Ramdev preaches healthy living to youngsters and sets up an example for the same with his famous diet. Fruits, vegetables, fruit juices and traditional Indian fat-free dishes are all he needs and uses to keep his body going. He has a well-established hatred towards western food and has even termed aerated soft drinks as “toilet-cleaners”. He claims that he has never tried alcohol or even tasted eggs. Well, seeing his lean healthy energetic body, we have got to admit whatever he does do seem to work well for him!

• Where was Baba Ramdev before he rose to the forefront of popularity and success? Where was he hiding all those years? In the wilderness of the Himalayas is the shocking answer! Baba Ramdev had spent a good part of his youth years in the caves of Himalayas practicing meditation, self-discipline, Yoga and Samadhi.

• Baba Ramdev is quite an unlikely TV superstar! It might seem to be a tall unrealistic claim, but is well-supported by the TRP ratings of Aastha TV Channel where millions tune in every morning to see his yoga sessions. And the YouTube view numbers on his channel do not say a contradicting story. Many Indian celebrities have openly admitted to be regular viewers of his programs and videos.

• Baba Ramdev had quite a hiccup when he went on and made a public claim that he could cure Cancer and Aids with Yoga. Facing much criticism from all corners and unable to give out scientific explanations for the same, he altered his claim to state that Yoga could give such patients much relief but not a cure.

• Pathanjali is the fastest growing FMCG Company with turnovers jumping from 2000 crores in 2015 to 5000 crores in 2016. A turnover of 20000 crores is already predicted not too far into the future!

• Baba Ramdev might be the face and founder of the company, but he isn’t the owner of the same. Quite surprisingly and against popular belief, he interestingly does not own a single share in Patanjali.

• Patanjali has turned Haridwar into an industrial haven with 28 factories producing close to 800 types of products! Quite an Industrial revolution again, isn’t it?

• While its competitors are having a hard time trying to budget for marketing and advertising, Patanjali has always thrived on word-of-mouth publicity.

Baba Ramdev through Patanjali has not just created a successful brand but a scenario where people are trying to change their lifestyles to achieve fitness and health.

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