Interesting facts about Pacific ocean

Interesting facts about Pacific ocean
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So we all know, among all the oceans, Pacific Ocean is the largest and the deepest ocean. It also occupies about one-third of the Earth surface. Now do we know who actually found it?
So here it is, Ferdinand Magellan founded it in the southern part and it is also known as Southern Sea.
Now we shall talk on some geographic facts of Pacific Ocean
The Pacific Ocean extends from the arctic to Antarctic regions between North and South America on the east and Asia and Australia on the west. The International Date Line passes through it. Many large rivers like Columbia of North America and Huang-He of China drains into the Pacific Ocean.
Now after knowing the Geographical factors, we shall focus the view on population living here and there on the islands.
The pacific islands of the south and west were populated by migrants from Asia who comes by crossing long distance of open sea via boats. Trading ships had sailed around Africa to the western rim of the Pacific.
Now if there is Population, there will be trade and commerce too.
The main fishing area in Pacific Ocean is found in deep shallow waters of Continental Shelf. Tuna, Salmun, Halibut are common and premium catch and from 1950’s many of the south Pacific islands have become a tourist spot too.

Now we shall talk about interesting facts of Pacific Ocean.

• The Pacific Ocean is home for a good and healthy plant life
The plant life found deep inside the sea is as healthy as the ocean itself. It is a home to plant life such as phytoplankton, algae and many more. The other feature of the ocean is the Coral reef. It is a protected home for many species of marine animal and also maintains the food chain.
• The Pacific Ocean is a home to approximately 75% of World’s Volcanoes
These volcanoes form a ring around the Pacific Ocean and are known as “Ring of Fire”. Due to regular volcanoes activity, the area also gets dangers by the earthquake. The coral grows on the volcanoes sides and when it reaches to the center it dies.
• The Pacific Ocean is actually shrinking in size each year
This is because of the effect of tectonic plates in the area. It occurs on the three sides and equals to 1km/year. Due to this, Antartic Ocean is increasing each year.
• Marine Pollution has increased a lot over the last 30 years
When it was examined, it was found that marine pollution has increased to more than a limit over the last 30 years and that is more impactful in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean.
• Abel Tasman was the first person to enter the South Pacific Ocean from the west.
• 50% of the World’s fish comes from the Pacific Ocean.
It is estimated that from the last 50 years, 60% of all fish caught comes from the Pacific Ocean.
• There are 6 Endangered Species in the Pacific Ocean.
We all know that 6 species are endangered. Out of these, the well known is Whale. However, Seals, Turtles, Sea Oysters and Sea Horses are also in danger of extinction.
• It is the largest Ocean in the world. It covers 84,000 miles of the coastline.
• The Ocean was mapped by Abraham Cornelius in the 16th Century.
• Animals like the unusual Yeti Crab are found only in the Pacific Ocean.
• There are more than 25,000 islands in the Pacific Ocean. Any Ocean doesn’t even come near to it.
• Human migration in the Pacific Ocean started in 3000 B.C.
• In 2014, Underwater Volcano was seen erupting from the air in the Pacific Ocean.
• The Pacific Ocean has the ability to affect the climate of the Entire World.
And the most interesting one,
• The Pacific Ocean is 15 times bigger than U.S.A

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