30 Truly Interesting Facts About New Born Babies

30 Truly Interesting Facts About New Born Babies
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“A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bank balance smaller, home happier, clothes dirty, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for”. Anonymous

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1. Human babies are found to be the only primates who smile at their parents.
2. New born babies have a well developed sense of taste but not for salt, until they are four months of age.
3. The new born babies are more likely to turn their heads to the right side than left.
4. Babies who are born in the month of May usually weigh 200 grams more than babies born during other months.
5. Most of the new born babies lose their hair they are born with in the first 3 or 4 months of their life.
6. New born babies cry a lot but cannot shed tears because of the absence of functional tear ducts till they are three weeks old.
7. Babies have more bones than an adult.
8. Babies usually tend to prefer female voice over male voices.
9. It is estimated that a baby eats about 15 pounds of cereal every year.
10. Every three seconds a baby is born in this world. And every 30 seconds a baby is born with defect in China.
11. A new born baby’s intestine is 11 feet long and it is doubles in length by adulthood.
12. About 80% of the babies are born with birthmarks.
13. By the age of three years every baby develops awareness about being a male or female and they begin to act according to that.
14. New born babies have a natural reflex to swim for the first four to six months.
15. Babies can dream from day one and possibly even before birth.
16. Babies have the tendency to pick up cadences and rhythms of their mother tongue while in the womb.
17. A baby’s brain has about 100 million neurons.
18. During birth a baby’s heart beats 180 times per minute.
19. Babies have a strong sense of smell and they can recognize their mothers by scent alone.
20. Babies born more than two weeks premature do not sweat at all.
21. A new born baby triples its weight by twelve months.
22. A baby’s head is proportionally huge in comparison to that of the total body length. Its ¼ of the total body length.
23. Babies usually laugh on 300 times a day in comparison to adults who only laugh 60 times.
24. At birth the babies are near sighted and their vision is roughly 20/400. They can only focus on things that are about 10 inches from their nose and it is only by the age of six months their vision will reach 20/20.
25. Babies have the ability to breathe and swallow at the same time.
26. New born babies urinate in about every 20 minutes and after the age of six months, roughly every hour.
27. The inner ear of the baby is the only sense organ that develops before birth; it reaches its adult size by the middle of pregnancy period.
28. A new born baby has only about one cup of blood in its body.
29. New born babies can see only in black and white for few months.
30. In cosmetic treatments baby foreskin is commonly used.

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