34 Interesting Facts About Lucknow

34 Interesting Facts About Lucknow
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Charbagh Railway Station, photo

Lucknow: Land of Nawabs, Kebabs and Janabs.

  • Charm of Capital – Lucknow is the capital, as well as, the largest city of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Lucknow is India’s second happiest city.
  • Nomenclature – Previously it is known by the name of Lakshmanapur. Fascinating journey from ancient city to modern metropolitan.
  • Nawabs – Rulers of Awadh were known as Nawabs. Lucknow had the glory of being their capital.
  • Begum – Begum Hazrat mahal took charge of Lucknow during India’s first war of independence and led her armies against British.
  • Siege of Lucknow – Residency which was the seat of British Empire in Lucknow was attacked and destroyed by rebel forces. The Siege lasted for about 5 months.
  • Freedom rebels – Kakori trial involving Ram Prasad Bismil and Afaqullah Khan took place in Lucknow.
  • Geography – Lucknow is situated on the banks of Gomati river and lies in the middle of Indo-Gangetic plain.
  • Nexus of highways – Four national highways originate at Hazratganj intersection. These are NH-24, NH-25, NH-56 and NH-28.
  • Palatial Charbagh – It is the main railway station of the city.
    • One of the busiest railway stations of India. More than 300 trains pass from here.
    • It is a amalgamation of Mughal, Awadhi and Rajput architecture.
    • Aerial view of the station building shows it as a chess board and the domes and pillars of the building appear to be pieces of a chess game.
  • Lucknow’s Chaudhary Charan Singh airport is the world’s second best airport in the small airport category.
  • Lucknow is soon going to have its own metro rail network.
  • Kebabs – This is the world famous cuisine of lucknow.
    • The Tunde ke kabab restaurant is more than hundred years old and popular for it’s Kebabs.
  • Janabs – People of Lucknow call themselves “Laknavi”. And known for their polite and sophisticated way of speaking.
  • Lucknow has the highest Shia muslim population in India.
  • Chikan – This is a form of world famous, 400 hundred years old embroidery work done exclusively in lucknow.
  • Cradle of art – Nawabs of Lucknow encouraged various art forms.
    • Kathak took shape in lucknow.
    • Famous Gazal singer Begum Akhtar was born in lucknow.
  • Lucknow zoo is one the oldest zoo’s of India. It was established in 1921.
  • Historical buildings – Rumi Darwaza, once an entrance to the city is also known as ‘Turkish Gate’.
    • Bara Imambara – Originally built as a asylum to support sick people, this magnificent structure is the largest hall in Asia without any external support from wood, iron or stone beams.
    • Ghanta Ghar of Lucknow is the tallest clock tower in India.
  • Hazaratganj – It is named after Nawab Amjad Ali Shah, popularly known as ‘Hazrat’.
    • When Britishers took over the city, they developed Hazaratganj and modelled after London’s Queen Street.
    • Naza market is the second largest market of computers and IT goods in India.
    • Ganj carnival is organized on second Sunday of every month.
  • Lucknow is growing as a IT hub and soon going to have a own IT park.
  • Lucknow is the first CCTV city of India, having more than 9000 security cameras.
  • Sister cities – Lucknow has two sister cities, Brisbane (Australia) and Montreal (Canada).
  • Lucknow is the 74th fastest growing city of world.
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