Interesting Facts About Justin Trudeau

Interesting Facts About Justin Trudeau
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• Justin Trudeau holds the reputation of being the first second generation Prime Minister of Canada. His father Pierre Elliot Trudeau is a former Prime Minister of Canada.
• He became the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada at the age of 44 and is the second youngest Prime Minister of Canada.
• He is the leader of the Liberal Party. Justin Trudeau is the first prime minister from Ottawa
• He was born on December 25, 1971 and is a Roman Catholic.
• He led the Liberal party to victory in federal elections held on October 19, 2015 in which they won 184 of the 338 seats and gained 39.5% of the popular vote.
• One of the first things that he did when he moved into his new office was reinstall his father’s old desk, which was his father’s for 16 years starting in the 1970s.
• Before taking a plunge in to politics, Trudeau worked as a teacher at West Point Grey Academy and Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in Vancouver, British Columbia. Aside from teaching French and math, Trudeau also taught drama.
• He has also worked as a snowboarding instructor, nightclub bouncer and camp counselor.
• He starred in CBC’s The Great War in 2007, in which he played the role of Talbot Papineau who was a lawyer and popular soldier killed in action in 1917.
• He also featured in a sci-fi video game Deux Ex: Human revolution.
• He has training in boxing and regularly participates in charitable boxing matches.
• He probably the only Prime Minister to sport a tattoo. He has two tattoos on his left hand; a large earth inside Haida raven.
• William Forquhar who was the first British resident and Commandant of colonial Singapore in the 17th Century is his great-great-great-great-great-grandfather.
• He is married to Sophie Gregoire, his schoolmate whom he proposed in the royal suite of the St. James hotel in Old Montreal. For their wedding, the couple served a selection of desserts instead of serving traditional wedding cake as they felt wedding cakes are tacky.
• The Trudeau couple have three children; Xavier, Ella-Grace and Hadrien.
• He started the Kokanee Glacier Alpine campaign for winter sports safety along with his family and friends after his brother Michel Trudeau died in an avalanche.
• He supported the controversial anti-terrorism C51 bill and also offered support to the legalization of marijuana.
• Justin Trudeau has a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University and B.Ed. degree from British Columbia University.
• He became an Internet sensation shortly after he was elected when a 2003 video surfaced showing that he was a pro at Bollywood-style dancing.
• His favorite quote is “Canada is a country strong not inspite of its differences but because of them”.
• His favorite author is Steven King and he has also written a book “Common ground” dedicated to his wife Sophie.
• In 1972 during a state visit to Canada, President of USA Nixon had raised a toast dedicated to Justin where he predicted that Justin will become Prime Minister of Canada one day.
• He became the first Canadian Prime Minister to take part in the lgbt Pride parade organized in Toronto on July 3 2016. Trudeau has also attended Pride parades in Toronto and Vancouver for years – but never as leader of the country.

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