10 Most Interesting Facts about the Indian Ocean

10 Most Interesting Facts about the Indian Ocean
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How is that most of the earliest and dominant civilisations, ranging from the Mesopotamian to the Indus Valley civilisation, emerged in areas around the Indian Ocean? Surely, this cannot be a co-incidence. Rightly recognised, in the ancient Sanskrit language, it has been given the name of Ratnakara, meaning the “mine of gems”. Perhaps, this clarifies things to some extent. Just like the mysteries that surround these civilisations, the Indian Ocean too boasts its own mysteries and secrets. Something that is not a secret is that it is the only ocean to be named after a country, namely India. Covering nearly 1/5th of the earth’s surface, it is the third smallest ocean in the world, engulfed between the continents of Africa, Asia and Australia. Now that you know the gist of what the Indian ocean is, it’s time to get into things which you probably won’t find in your average Geography textbook. Here are some interesting facts about the Indian Ocean:

Indian Ocean

  1. The Middle-east of the ocean world, the Indian Ocean accounts for 40% of the world’s oil. It also proves to be an important trade route for the distribution of petroleum and oil based products to and fro from the Persian Gulf.
  2. Not so surprisingly as it is located near the equator, it is the warmest ocean in the world. This temperature is not suited for the growth of phytoplanktons which serve as an important source of food in the ocean. Therefore, the marine life in this ocean is much lesser than that in other oceans.
  3. Another factor contributing to the low marine life present in this ocean is its low oxygen content.
  4. A mere infant in comparison to the other oceans of the world, the Indian ocean is geographically the youngest ocean.
  5. Despite its limited marine life, it particularly seems to suit the Humpback Whale, being the largest breeding ground for the species.
  6. Much of these facts may be new news for you but the important ports and harbours of the Indian Ocean such as Mumbai, Durban, Melbourne and Colombo would definitely ring bells of recognition in your mind.
  7. How do you like the idea of a new continent? Well, experts believe that the Indian Ocean contains one submerged in it. The Kerguelen Plateau, of volcanic origin, was said to be found in the southern regions of the ocean.
  8. The Java Trench is the lowest point in the ocean at a depth of about 7,258m below sea level.
  9. The Indian Ocean is divided into east and west by a 5000 km mountain range named the Ninety East Ridge.
  10. One of the most destructive natural disasters in history was the Tsunami flood of 2004 leading to a loss of about 200,000 lives and about 1 million people homeless.
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