14 Interesting Facts About Gautam Buddha

14 Interesting Facts About Gautam Buddha
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abuddha photoSiddhartha Gautama is also known by the name of Sakyamuni, who founded the religion of Buddhism and later he is known by the name Buddha. The birthday of the Gautama Buddha is celebrated on the Buddha Poornima because it is believed that he was born on a full moon day. Some of the extreme and interesting facts about the Gautama Buddha are: –
1. There are three major tenents which the Buddha taught his followers that is not to be ignorant, not to hate others, not to get angry.
2. Originally he was born as a wealthy prince and it is said that he left his home in order to follow the path of truth which ultimately led him to drop his birth name Siddhartha Gautama.
3. It is said that he fasted regularly and usually spend most of his time in walking miles so he can spread the philosophy of enlightenment.
4. It was predicted by the saint after his birth that he would later become the king or the saint who can bring changes in this world.
5. The most important Buddha’s teaching techniques include nonviolent methods like word of mouth or carving on the prominent stone buildings.
6. It is estimated that Buddha travelled approximately until the age of 80 and his request to his followers that “All component things in this world are changeable. They are not lasting. Work hard to gain your own salvation.”
7. He died in khushinagar and according to the facts, it is said that he died in the 483BC.Even after his death the traits of the Buddha that is his compassion and kindness are still followed by the people around the world.
8. It was said that when Buddha travelled across different regions around the world he visited his son, father, his devoted wife and his foster mother and ultimately his family joined the Sangha which is basically a Buddhist community.
9. While his ride on the countryside he saw four different things which changes his life completely that is an old man, a corpse, a sick man and at last he saw a wandering ascetic. He then finally realized that this is the reality, what he is seeing and nothing is permanent in the world.
10. He was married to Yasodhara and even had as a son named Rahula.
11. He lived in Nepal during 6th to 4 the century BC.
12. When Gautama Buddha left his palace as he was the born prince, he started looking for the teachers who could preach him about different religions and teach him the important techniques of meditation. He found the middle way to gain the enlightenment.
13. He was challenged by the demon named Mara when Gautama Buddha set under a tree and started meditating, but in the end with the help of the earth Buddha won the challenge and then he ultimately realized how to become the Buddha.
14. It was believed that once he started teaching there were hundreds of followers who started following him.

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