25 Interesting Facts About The Ganga River (Ganges)

25 Interesting Facts About The Ganga River (Ganges)
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1. The River Ganga is the spiritual emblem of India.
2. The river is trans-boundary, originating from North India and emptying into the Bay of Bengal and flowing through Bangla Desh.
3. The Ganga is considered to be most sacred in the Hindu religion.
4. The most popular mythological belief is that the River Ganga originates as pure energy from the tufts of hair of the Shaivaite God Shiva. In this form, she is recognised as Shakti or a mass of moving energy.
5. The water of the river is considered so holy that after a visit to the Ganga pilgrims carry some water of Ganga to places wherever they come from.
6. The devotion of Hindus to Ganga is ultimate and unquestioned.
7. Hindus prefer to consecrate the ashes of their dead in the Ganga with the belief that this act results in salvation for the departed soul.
8. The river originates from the Indian state of Uttarakhand at Gangotri
9. It also is sourced from the melting of icy mountain peaks like Nandadevi and Kedarnath.
10 . A large part of Northern India through which River Ganga passes is called as the Indo-Gangetic plain.
11 . After entering Bangla Desh the river is popularly known as River Padma.
12 . The approximate length of the Ganga is 2525 kilometres.
13. Some of the major cities lying on the banks of the River Ganga are Hrishikesh, Hardwar, Kanpur, Allahabad, Varanasi, Patna and Bhagalpur
14. The Ganga is known for boosting the spiritual tourism of India
15. The Ganga is a great economic factor in the lives of the people living on its banks
16. It is a perpetual source of irrigation, and spawns varied agricultural activities.
17. The entire Gangetic basin affords place to a wide variety of flora and fauna, making it a great sustenance for ecology and environment.
18. The Ganga River dolphin and the mugger crocodile are two of the world-renowned species of water animals.
19. For the reason that the river is desecrated by dead bodies, garbage, industrial waste and indiscriminate activities of urbanisation, the Ganga remains one of the most polluted rivers in the world.
20. Since the last three decades, numerous attempts have been made to clean the Ganga and restore its pristine glory. The Ganga Action Plan to accomplish the task had not met with complete success.
21. These efforts have met with little success and public awareness about keeping the river clean has only decreased during this time.
22. The recent efforts of the new NDA government to clean the river, like the Namo Ganga Project, are being looked upon by millions of Hindus to achieve the noble task.
23. Due to the effects of climate change, world organisations have cautioned that the river faces a threat from the melting upstream glaciers and by 2035 it could get worse.
24. Despite all the developments, Ganga remains the Sacred Mother to all Hindus.
25. Hindus pour the holy Ganga water into the mouths of the dying

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