Best Fruit Beer Brands

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Whenever the word beer pops up, a common thought that strikes a sane mind is of a bitter alcoholic beverage that can bestow some tipsiness.

However fruit beer is a completely different genre of drinks. A drink with all the alcohol has been eliminated out, with added fruit syrups and flavors. Most of the times, fruits serve as the initial material for fermentation.

There are many brands available for fruit beer and labeling best brands is a conundrum.

  • New Glarus Strawberry Rhubarb: As the name suggests this drink reminisces the taste of strawberry and rhubarb. This is one of the best beers from New Glarus. With a myriad of fruit tastes, its aroma matches a freshly prepared strawberry jam. This ruby colored drink contains 4% ABV (alcohol by volume) despite losing its sweetness and tanginess.

  • Samuel Smith Apricot: This drink is considered creamy and carries along an aroma of apricot. Brewed by Melbourne Bros’ at Stamford, and then blended with fruits at Tadcaster, England. Many other flavors like raspberry and cherry are also available with 5.1% ABV.

  • Dogfish Head Black And Blue: Blueberries and Blackberries are the main ingredients of pinkish amber colored Black and Blue. Belgian styled and highly effervescent drink containing 10% ABV is very well balanced to mask alcohol from taste buds.

  • Mongozo Coconut: Mongozo means “cheers” in the language of the Chokwe people of Africa, and literally a cheerful white drink it is. A coconut aroma surrounds the every sip. Fruity taste with a coconut tinge and 3.6% ABV makes this drink a masterpiece decorating the dinner table.

  • Lindemans Pecheress Peach: Peaches serve as the main item used in Peach. Peacheress Peach is a golden beauty, all the way from Belgium, that looks very hot but turned out to be warm (2.5% ABV) and very sweet.

  • Banana Bread Beer: This innovative fruit beer is brewed by Well’s and Young’s LTD., England. Taste carries a hint of banana blended with other fruits and 5.2% ABV. It is a pale colored liquid and previously known as “liquid beer”.

  • Bacchus Framboise Raspberry: Carrying an aroma of raspberry, this red-brown fruit beer comes from the brewery of Van Honsebrouck, Belgium. Very sweet in taste and well carbonated along with 5% ABV. A brown paper is used to pack the exquisite bottle of Framboise Raspberry.

  • Fruli Strawberry: Sweetness of Fruli strawberry is enough to replace desserts. It is prepared using a 300 years old method at Melle, Belgium and brings a rich aroma of strawberries mingled with 4.1% ABV. Traditional, clear in appearance and delicious.

  • Kopparberg Lemon And Lime Fruit Lager: A Swedish product with a taste of tangy lime. It is a novel drink to cherish, besides equally refreshing. Well carbonated and contains 5% ABV.

  • Electric Peel: Electric peel is very light flavored product of Magic Hat Brewing Company, United States. It is an IPA (Indian pale ale) styled drink admixed with grapefruit peel and strikes the aroma of citrus. Alcohol content is 6% ABV.