8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Kokum Juice

8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Kokum Juice
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Kokum or Mangosteen, is a fruit that comes from the Western Ghats of India, where it has been long used for the cooking as well as for medicinal purpose. Kokum, also scientifically known as Garcinia Indica is a treasure chest of medicinal properties. It is a tiny fruit goes red to deep purple as it ripens. The dried peel of the fruit is used as a spice in a typical Indian kitchen and also a remedial agent. It has a somewhat sour taste with slightly sweet scent.


Health Benefits Of Kokum Juice

1. Kokum holds anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The properties of this fruit also help fight against specific types of cancer like leukemia, breast cancer and liver cancer. The main component of this fruit known as Garcinol provides anti-carcinogenic properties that help against the production of cancer cells.

2. Kokum is a great for the skin. If applied to the skin directly it helps in soothing skin rashes and burns. Due to its soothing and healing properties the pulp of this fruit provides instance relief to the skin ailments.

3. The juice of Kokum, enhances the health of the digestive system. It provides a cool and refreshing tonic for the body. It helps to improve bowel movement and relieves constipation. The pulp of the fruit is mixed with sugar or jaggery to make a refreshing sweet and sour drink which comes to rescue to beat the heat during Indian summers.

4. The juice of Kokum also makes a great health drink as it is rich in citric acid, acetic acid, hydro citric acid and polyphenol. The drink gives energy and strength. Consumption of the Kokum juice in small portions on a daily basis is ideal to stay fit and away any kind of ailments.

5. Kokum holds great anti-obesity factors. It lowers the risk of cholesterol and also kills the growth of fatty acids consequently resulting in controlled weight of a person.

6. Kokum is also a great oral hydration supplement. The juice of Kokum peel is given to a dehydrated person for instance relief. In case of heat strokes, Kokum provides a great respite to the person.

7. This magical fruit also helps in treating piles and fissures and improves the overall functioning of the liver.

8. The fruit is also found in forms of butter and oils. Also the residue left after extraction of the oil is used as manure.

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