26 Really Interesting Facts About Ants

26 Really Interesting Facts About Ants
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• Have you ever wondered the small creatures named ants that belong to the eusocial insect of the family formicidae can outwit, outlast and outplay humans in many ways.
• The archaeologists estimate that ants are much older than human beings on this earth; their existence is of about 2 million years while human beings are on the earth for just 200,000 years.
• There are more than 12,000 species of ants that live in all over the world.
• The cooperative society of ants enables them to survive in conditions where it could have been a challenge to survive.
• Ants have an unbelievable power to carry things two times larger than their own size.
• For their small size they are able to produce more force.
• Ants do not have a respiratory system because of their small size.
• They have other system for respiration, they breathe through small holes present in their body called spiracles. The spiracles that are paired per segment in their body.
• Ants do not have ears, but that doesn’t mean ants are deaf.
• They use vibrations to hear while searching for food or as a danger signal.
• They use the ground vibrations to track sounds, they sense vibration by picking them from the subgenual organ which are placed below their knees.
• Some Amazonian ants don’t reproduce by traditional ways of reproduction; rather they use the cloning method for reproduction.
• The queen ant copies themselves in the cloning pattern to reproduce female ants only and makes a male free colony.
• Only the queen ants possesses wings, but they shed them when they start to built a new nest.
• Apart from human beings ant is another species of living things that farm; ants usually farm aphids and protect them from natural predators, by giving shelter to them in their nest during heavy rainfall and so they get a constant supply of honeydew from them.
• Ants have two stomachs one for holding food and another one for their own consumption.
• They share the food stored in the second stomach with other ants.
• Ants have the ability to survive in water and they also can float for a long time, but that doesn’t mean all ants can swim, it varies with their species.
• The largest ant of all time was 2.4 inches that are 6 cm though it’s not alive it’s a fossilized specimen now.
• The least known fact about ants is they can communicate and cooperate by using chemicals known as “pheromones”.
• Through this they can send messages to other ants.
• Some ant’s species raid on neighboring colonies to steal eggs and larvae and bring them to their own colony.
• This process is known as “dulosis”.
• The species that use the dulosis process are often known as “slave making ants”.
• Many ants do this process to support their colonies.
• And usually when two ants fight the outcome is the death of one of the ants.