Top 10 Facts about Amarnath Cave

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One of the most holy and prolific journeys in India is the journey to Amarnath Cave. It is said every Indian, in his lifetime should visit the Amarnath Cave and make his birth as a human successful. Why this is said! Well, to begin with the journey is extremely perilous as the cave is located at a very high altitude. Along with that rough terrain and difficult weather and snow-capped mountains make travelling very difficult. Amarnath Cave have many interesting facts to attract its devotees and here are a few of them.

Amarnath - Cave - Facts

1. There is a very popular legend associated with Amarnath Cave. It is believed by millions of people that the Cave was chosen by Lord Shiva himself. This was done so that Lord Shiva can explain the secret of immortality to his eternal love and goddess Parvati.

2. The perilous journey of the Amarnath Cave starts from Pahalgam. It is widely believed and accepted that Lord Shiva left his Bahan (carrier) bull Nandi. While the moon from his forehead was left at Chandanwari and the snakes were left at Sheshnag.

3. Lord Ganesha, was left by Lord Shiva at the Mahaguna Hills. The five essential elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Sky were left at Panjtarni. After leaving all his belongings, Lord Shiva made his way to the Amarnath Cave with Goddess Parvati.

4. The Amarnath Cave was discovered by a shepherd who goes by the name Buta Malik. It is said that he met a saint here who gave him a bag of coal to carry. When Malik reached his home, the bag of coal turned into gold. When he went back to offer his gratitude to the saint he founded the shrine in Amarnath.

5. The cave experiences a natural formation of ice which is considered a miracle of Lord Shiva. It naturally form with the lunar cycle in the shape of a Shiva Linga.

6. The Amarnath cave is more than 5000 years old and the natural ice formation is known as Swayambhu since it appears to form on its own.

7. The Amarnath Cave yatra takes place in the month of July to August. Irrespective of being on the most adventurous and dangerous journeys in the world, millions of devotees are attracted to the holy shrine every year.

8. Apart from the old traditional route of the journey which is carried through Pahalgam, there is a new route now which starts the pilgrimage from Baltal.

9. The Amarnath Yatra management committee is responsible for all kinds of civic amenities to the pilgrims. Throughout the whole route of the journey, thousands of makeshift kitchens are constructed to provide food, shelters are constructed to offer a safe place. The army also remains on high alert to offer all types of assistance in the event of an emergency.

10. Chari is the beginning of the journey to Amarnath cave and it is said the name is given to Lord Shiva’s mace.

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